Sunday, January 30, 2011

Smile of the day

Nothing says cute like a dancing penguin!

Soapbox time

   Due to some unfortunate issues with Hubs computer, we found ourself at the Fashion Mall in Indy.  More specifically, he found himself in the Apple store and I wandered and did some people watching.  Now, let me preface this by saying that I am rather fond of many of their stores and have found the people working there to be very accommodating and friendly. However, I couldn't help but make some observations, mainly about the shoppers and fashion in general.  First and foremost-this is 2011-sweat suits, Uggs and a canvas Coach bag do not qualify as fashion.  Sweat suits have their place, and that place is in a gym.  There are so many people who have all the right labels, but have no taste.  Don't get me wrong, I have been known to drool a bit over Burberry adds, but it is the design-not the logo that makes the clothes.  Fashion is meant to be self expression.  Fashion is risk.  It is the beautiful and the absurd.  It is knowing that there is rarely an original thought, but trying anyway.  Try.  Try and fail.  An original failure is still better than a cheep imitation.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Funny Valentine...

Ah, February...The month of cheep candy, pink doilies and singing gorillas. And Snow.  Perhaps I am a snob, but non of these are particularly appealing to me.  While the cynic in me could rant about the mediocrity and over commercialization of the holiday, I do rather like the idea of Valentines day.  My theory is this: use the day to celebrate the people in your life you are fond of.  Granted we should do this every day blah blah blah, but be honest-we don't and that is that.  So, put a bit of thought into it and do something thoughtful for those you are closest to.  Do something to bring a smile to those that make you smile every day.
   In keeping with that thought, I have posted a collection of somewhat nontraditional valentines for those individuals who would be somewhat weirded out by the usual card store fare but that still deserve to know they are being thought of.
by Dandee.
by pumpkinandhoneybunny
by gramkinpaperstudio
by bbinvitations
by cooljane

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

She's pretty great, isn't she?

Ah, Lloyd Dobler.  Awkward...Noble...Timeless.  Since Valentines day is around the corner, I will be posting collections inspired by some classic movies.  In my eyes, Say Anything is one of the classic movie romances of the 80's.  Endlessly quoteable with awesome music-and who can forget John Cusack holding that boombox?  It's a dare to be great kind of movie.

Awesome Lloyd quote shirt from One Horse Shy

Via Gracey May
Kickboxing.  Sport of the Future.

Who doesn't?

In Your Eyes

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rise and shine...or dont.

 So it isn't always horrible, but today it is and I liked the hat in the picture.  This morning I awoke to find that not only had my bean car been encapsulated with ice, but that the roads had been as well.  When an attempt at driving nearly resulted in bonding with a fire hydrant and a ditch, I thought it prudent to turn around and wait a bit.  So, I thought I would use this mini-fail as an excuse to post some cheering up pictures...a.k.a. things that I find to be awesome. 


And because no day is complete with out some fluff...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Putting away decorations=booooo

So today we took down our Christmas decorations.  Not a favorite activity of mine.  I dont know why, but there is something very sad about putting away Christmas decorations, most specifically, Christmas trees.  Real trees, fake trees, either way, it is no good.  There is a pronounced lack of sparkle and all around festivness in our little place.  Something must be done about this. 


Many thanks to Mr Thankful for posting this.  Such a lovely story.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Planning ahead, pt III

In keeping with my last entry about scarves and my love of all things Jane Austen, it seemed appropriate that I share this.

Nothing says Valentines like Mr. Darcy.  That is all.

I also am quite taken by this little print.  Sometimes things are best stated simply.

Perhaps you want something a bit more practical but every bit as awesome?  Enter the Toaster Pastry case.  Everyone's favorite childhood breakfast treat, and it's not just for breakfast anymore.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I hate being cold. I mean truly, truly hate it. Having short hair makes one especially susceptible to the winter weather. It makes sense then that I am something of a scarf fiend. In my opinion, scarves are the ultimate accessory because they not only look fabulous but are extremely functional. Since the snowy coldness does not show any signs stopping, check out's 37 ways to tie a scarf. They cover all shapes and sizes of scarves, easily enough
ideas to keep us busy until spring. :)

How to tie a scarf by

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A little obsessed with...

...the Knifty Knitter.  Have you seen these things?  They enable people with somewhat sketchy crocheting/knitting skills to make hats, scarfs, etc.  Unlike my previous attempts to make a hat, the ones I am making on the Knifty Knitter  come out looking like what they are!  Since I have been hibernating and watching a bunch of movies this works great for someone like me who has problems sitting still while doing so.  Once I get my new camera, I will show some of the fabulous results.  You can pick up one of these sets for a very reasonable sum, most fabric/craft stores carry them.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Planning ahead, pt II

   As you know, Valentines Day falls in February, and February seems to be one of the snowiest months here in Indiana.  Why not give your valentine a gift that is both attractive and functional?  Or perhaps a gift to yourself, since you know you wont want to leave the warmth of your house unless absolutely necessary.
  Being something of an etsyaholic I thought I would share this excellent little find.  Wouldn't a set of these be lovely, paired with some nice beans or tea?  Notice the rounded and extremely holdable sides and the tiny feet.  An excellent addition to any ones hot beverage arsenal.

I Must Break You

  Since I have yet to prattle on about something I thought I would take this opportunity to do so.  Given the snowy situation outside, Hubs and I decided to watch a movie.  Given that it is the 25th Anniversary of Rocky IV, it was the obvious choice.  I have a confession to make, and that is that I love sports movies.  This may seem strange, given that I do not love sports.  I have no natural athletic skills and have virtually no interest in sports of any kind save figure skating, roller derby and possibly Rugby.  However, I adore films about sports.  An interesting dichotomy, really.  Cinderella Man, The Natural, The Greatest Game Ever Played and The Blind Side being among my favorites. 
   Rocky IV is my favorite of the 6 films and since I make recomendations on everything else, I am going to recomend that you watch it.  Watch it because it is a classic.  Watch it to remember Brigitte Nielsen as she once was.  Watch it for "I must break you."  Watch it for the gloriously 80's mix of Survivor's Burning Heart and synth music that is sadly lacking in films today.  Watch it because you cannot see it and not have the desire to punch something.  And that is a good thing.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gnothi Se Auton-And shop accordingly

Yesterday I was feeling especially motivated and attempted the daunting task of cleaning out our closet.  Whilst doing so I came to a somewhat disheartening conclusion-The person I shop for and the person I am are two different people.
I buy a pair of shoes and then once I get them home they cease to be as glorious as I once thought.  While they still look fabulous, they wobble, hurt and at times flop.  All of this leads to them sitting in the closet and never again seeing the light of day.
   This issue, I believe, is brought on by a condition I refer to as "Shoppers High."  A high concentration of external stimuli (such as many sale racks of shoes) combined with the endorphin rush of finding the last pair in your size frequently results in the illusion that they are actually comfortable or that you can do anything in them besides sit.  Perhaps you just need to break them in.  If you don't run they will stay on your feet.  Sigh.

   I believe it was Socrates who said "Gnothi Seauton" (Know Thyself).  While I do not claim to have this completely down, I do know that I cannot wear 4 inch heals and function like a normal person.  So in the coming year, I am resolved to shop for me.  It may mean buying less, but lets face it-cash in my wallet is way better looking than the dust covered shoes in my closet.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Cupcakes.  Small.  Tasty.  Perfect in their compact size and innate cuteness.  Such things are hard to improve on...Enter Cakespy.  A magical little website illustrated with anthropomorphic cupcakes, Cakespy shares all kinds of lovely recipes for all things sweet and wonderful.  Any people that use the phrase "existential crisis" and a pie in the same picture are awesome in my book. 

This reminded me of the pastry version of West Side Story.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Public Service Announcement...a.k.a. SALE

The always amazing Kate Spade is having an additional 25% off sale on their already reduced sale items...but only until the 17th!

Planning ahead

I happen to be something of an google fiend and it has come to my attention that Valentines Day is next month...I thought I would include some thoughtful ideas for those who like to plan ahead.

I happen to have a fondness for words and two finger rings...and you can get these custom made with whatever phrase you please.  A steal for under $50.

In honor of the recent holidays...

Greetings and Welcome!

Well, first posts are always the hardest, but I do want to say hello and thank you for joining me in my little spot on the web.  It was a New Year's goal of mine to start a blog and keep it up throughout the coming months.  My plan is to focus on the things I know and enjoy, hence the Smiles, Shopping and Self Indulgent Prattle.  I will share a smile, a find and an occasional rant or story.  Please join me and share your own!