Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gnothi Se Auton-And shop accordingly

Yesterday I was feeling especially motivated and attempted the daunting task of cleaning out our closet.  Whilst doing so I came to a somewhat disheartening conclusion-The person I shop for and the person I am are two different people.
I buy a pair of shoes and then once I get them home they cease to be as glorious as I once thought.  While they still look fabulous, they wobble, hurt and at times flop.  All of this leads to them sitting in the closet and never again seeing the light of day.
   This issue, I believe, is brought on by a condition I refer to as "Shoppers High."  A high concentration of external stimuli (such as many sale racks of shoes) combined with the endorphin rush of finding the last pair in your size frequently results in the illusion that they are actually comfortable or that you can do anything in them besides sit.  Perhaps you just need to break them in.  If you don't run they will stay on your feet.  Sigh.

   I believe it was Socrates who said "Gnothi Seauton" (Know Thyself).  While I do not claim to have this completely down, I do know that I cannot wear 4 inch heals and function like a normal person.  So in the coming year, I am resolved to shop for me.  It may mean buying less, but lets face it-cash in my wallet is way better looking than the dust covered shoes in my closet.

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