Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Funny Valentine...

Ah, February...The month of cheep candy, pink doilies and singing gorillas. And Snow.  Perhaps I am a snob, but non of these are particularly appealing to me.  While the cynic in me could rant about the mediocrity and over commercialization of the holiday, I do rather like the idea of Valentines day.  My theory is this: use the day to celebrate the people in your life you are fond of.  Granted we should do this every day blah blah blah, but be honest-we don't and that is that.  So, put a bit of thought into it and do something thoughtful for those you are closest to.  Do something to bring a smile to those that make you smile every day.
   In keeping with that thought, I have posted a collection of somewhat nontraditional valentines for those individuals who would be somewhat weirded out by the usual card store fare but that still deserve to know they are being thought of.
by Dandee.
by pumpkinandhoneybunny
by gramkinpaperstudio
by bbinvitations
by cooljane

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