Sunday, April 10, 2016

Who's Yer Con 2016 in Review (Part 2)

   Greetings!  In my last post I talked about my general impressions about Who's Yer Con 2016.  Today I'll go over some basics you should know and then what I did this year and what I learned from it!

   The first year (last year) we attended WYC we did not preregister, but this year we opted to register online.  I 100% endorse preregistering.  We got there about 11:30 on Friday morning and there was a probably 20-30 minute line for registration, however there was no line for those that signed up online.  I hate standing in lines if I can avoid it.  All we did was walk up, give our name and *BAM* we had our badges and schedule.  It's worth noting that while the event is free, you can upgrade to a contributing member for $25 and you get a t-shirt and a tote with a few games in it.
   A few weeks before the convention, the event catalog is put online.  This has everything the convention offers along with times/dates.  Depending on the type and popularity of game, there may only be a few times available to play it.  I recommend looking through the catalog and preregistering for a slot if there are certain games you have your heart set on playing.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Who's Yer Con 2016 In Review (Part 1)

    Ever since moving to Indy 4 years ago, my hubs Chad and I have found ourselves increasingly immersed in the world of tabletop games.  Who's Yer Gamer's is a local group that has been promoting hobby gaming since 2008 and each spring they put on Who's Yer Con, a free, 3 day hobby gaming convention held at the Wyndham West hotel.  This was our second year attending, so I thought I would share my experience!  In the this post I'll go over my impressions about the convention in general, and in my next post I'll talk about the specifics of what I did this year.

Changes and such

Hi there!  It's been a while.  I've missed posting and I'm going to try and do something about that.  There will be some format changes, content changes and the like.  I've toyed with removing old posts, but for now I'm leaving things as they are.  I wont be posting daily, and I'll be focusing on more local activities/mini-adventures that are going on in my life.  Also maybe some thoughts on what I'm reading/watching/listening to.  I hope you'll follow along!  If you do want the daily aspect of The Daily Claire (IE me talking about geeky stuff and posting cat pictures) follow me on Instagram & Twitter at @thedailyclaire.  I am also Player 2 at Boards & Brews where my Hubs and I review board games and local brewed beverages.  He's very good at posting every week, so you should check it out if you like table top games, brewed beverages of any kind, or puns, because we've got them all.