Wednesday, March 23, 2011

When It Rains It Pours...Or...Best Umbrellas For Spring

Lets face it, it's spring and spring means rain.  We'd best be prepared...and I say this because I am usually not.  Since we have been over The best trenches, let's take a look at some umbrellas to improve your spring time experience.

Bella Pagoda

Marimekko Omena

Davek Travel

Blade Runner Umbrella

Totes Bubble


Angela in Indy said...

hey Claire, just got connected to your blog and really like it! Love the Marimekko Omena umberella.

-Claire said...

Thanks Angela, I really appreciate the feedback :) Isn't the Marimekko one cute? I thought the little fruits were awesome.

Indianapolis Amy said...

Blade Runner umbrella... Awesome!

-Claire said...

I know, I really want it! It's almost enough to make you want to walk around in the rain at night. :)