Sunday, February 20, 2011

weekend review...week in preview

   So the weekend went by way too fast, as it always does.  Hubs is giving me tips on using my new camera, hopefully this week I will get some good shots to share with you.  I am majorly excited that our snow is gone and it makes me feel exponentially better about everything.  I am still love love loving my Bobble, even though I have been told it is pretentious.  If that is true-awesome-because it is definitely worth well over the $10 I paid for it. 
   In this next week my goals include finding a couple inexpensive pairs of flats to make over.  If anyone knows a good place to find some, do share!  I'll definitely be popping by ye olde Hobby Lobby to pick up some yarn ( makin a cowl on my knifty knitter) and, it's been years since I used that.  Perhaps I will find something else in the way of sealers.  Other goals for the week involve working out a bit longer than usual and taking off early to head to Ohio for a long weekend. 

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