Monday, February 21, 2011

An Open Letter to Winter

Dear Winter,
   I've known you for quite some time.  Being from Wisconsin, I became familiar with you from a very young age.  We've had some good times.  Snow forts, snowmen, sledding and the excuse to buy a cute hat are all reasons that I allowed myself to become attached to you.  However, in the past few years you have done things to put a strain on our relationship.  You turn up unannounced.  By now you should know that this is highly impolite and not a good way to make friends.  At times you lead us on and we think that you are gone for the season and then-BAM-there you are again.  A very disagreeable habit.  To be honest, Winter, you have worn our your welcome.  When I see indications that you are near, I feel highly perturbed...angry...even surly at times.  You bring out the worst in me.  In fact, I kind of want to punch you.  In short, Winter, we are through.  You are not my friend,  no matter how appealing those racks of new scarves look.  Sincerely,

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Laura said...

OMG!!! This the funniest! I feel the same way....