Sunday, October 9, 2011

Coffee Confessions

Confession #1-I'm a sucker for sparkly make up and accessories but I loathe sparkly clothes.
Confession #2-Sometimes I crave foods by color.  I know.  Weird.  Like all orange food, all white food, all green food, etc.  I don't realize it until it's all on my plate.
Confession #3-I have high expectations when I make a purchase...Whether it is my $1 McDonalds coffee or something far costlier, I expect to get what I asked for.  If I don't, well, you'll know.
Confession #4-I love having naturally curly hair.  Even though it can be rebellious, it still makes me smile.
Confession #5-I almost freaked out when I thought the lady at the check out wasn't going to card me for the wine I bought.  She did, but I felt really old there for a second.
Confession #6-I am really tired of allergy season, and it's only just begun...
Confession #7-I really want a cape for the fall, but I am afraid it will make me look like a hobbit.


kristanlynn @ adelynSTONE said...

haha. that's weird about the food thing. there are times when i crave greens, but i've never found myself with a plate full of red food. haha. love it!

i freak out when I don't think they're going to card me. I used to hate it, now that I'm older, it makes me feel good. hah.


Sam said...

Funny thing about the being carded. Working at a job where I have to sell alcohol and cigarettes. I get really sad (and feel super old) when I card some kid buying their smokes and they were born in 1992. '92, Really!?

Anonymous said...

you crack me up! oh i pretty much stare the checker down until they card me (hahah, i really don't)! but i'm 31 and got carded to buy spray paint a few months ago. yeah...she wins!
capes are cool...make it shorter like um, wonder woman, she had a cape right?
hey glad i could help you with my post today. sometimes i never know who will read my thoughts. glad it can be therapeutic for more than just me.
have a great week!

-Claire said...

Isn't the carding thing crazy? I totally love being carded, lol. And kids born in '92 buying smokes? Oi, children these days. :)

-Claire said...

I think I may start staring down the checker...usually I just look back and forth between the little conveyor belt and the checker, hoping they'll get the message. I may have to try the wonder woman length, if only I could have the magic bracelets!