Monday, August 8, 2011

Yay! Indiana State Fair! Part 1

   So today Hubs and I went to the Indiana State Fair.  I had never been and I was shocked and saddened to find that he hadn't either, so obviously we needed to go.  We had so much fun!  Yes it was hot, but it was so worth it.  The first thing we went to was the 4-H cat show.
  Yes, you read that right, there is a cat show.  There is even a separate contest for cage decorating.  Everyone we talked to was super friendly and very knowledgeable about the process and about their cats.  These were seriously well behaved felines.

We also checked out the World's Largest Hog...because it's just not a fair without seeing the world's largest something and well, why not a hog.  However, I did find it somewhat awkward when I noticed how many people were looking at the pigs whilst eating hotdogs...but I digress.
   One other thing I learned is that people are pretty hard core when it comes to showing goats.  Granted I know nothing about them I just think the little ones are cute, but I almost felt like I walked into the goat version of  Best in Show.  Seriously folks, the goats were getting their hair done.  They even had personal fans and jaunty red jackets...and they didn't smell!  Needless to say, I was impressed.  I thought about including the picture of the giant hog, but lets face it, it was really ugly and I try to avoid putting ugly pictures on here...So in conclusion, we saw lots of cute animals, one giant hog and I learned that people take goats way more seriously than I had anticipated.  Stay tuned tomorrow for more info on the fair( what to eat, what to see, what to skip) and less info on 4 legged critters.  Ok, there will probably still be a few.


angela said...

A cat show? I had no idea! Are the kitties still there?

Laura said...

Ok so sign me up for the Goat version of "Best In Show"!! It would be EPIC!

-Claire said...

@angela-I think the cat show was Aug 8th only, sorry! They do have a dog show as well though and I believe that is still to come. Check for more info-they have a daily animal schedule :)

@Laura-I totally agree-I would pay to go see it for sure!