Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yay! Indiana State Fair! Part 2

   So yesterday I covered most of the animals we saw, except the other goats in the "Petting Zoo" type area.  These goats were considerably less snooty than the show goats, plus, there were babies too!  There was also one little donkey who was exceptionally cute, but I'm not exactly sure why he was there. I promised more info about non-animal things today so here is a little more info about what we did at the fair:

     First I will say I did not end up having a corndog.  I didn't avoid it on purpose but once I reach a certain level of excessive warmth, meat stops sounding good.  I did however have 2 lemon shake ups from two different stands and they were both splendid.  The shake-ups I've had at other fairs/events before have been too sweet and not lemon-y enough.  These were just the right mix of sweet and tart-very refreshing. 
    After hearing how awesome the grilled cheese sandwiches were from the Dairy Barn I decided to get one.  Seriously, a total waste.  I think I had reasonable expectations but this was just a really sad little sandwich.  Small, thin bread, not much cheese...certainly not deserving of its positive reputation, it was easily the biggest failure of the day.
    While wondering through the Ball State Ag. building and looking at the honey display I discovered they had honey ice cream.  I think we already know that I'm a big fan of honey and this ice cream was fabulous.  Very creamy with a pleasant vanilla-honey flavor, it was a unique change pace and I'm very glad I tried it.

See & Do:
    One of my favorite things we did was to see the Stars of the Peking Acrobats.  They have quite a few shows each day and are amazingly tallented.  Everything from tumbling, balancing, plate spinning and all around fantastic acrobatic skills.  Their shows are reletively short, but are really worth your time to stop and watch.
   I love plants and so it was really fun to see all of the bonsai trees in the Ball State Ag. building.  The Bonsai Society had a broad variety of all types of trees on display as well as for sale.
   I also had fun playing a few games in the midway.  I'd actually never played any so this was super fun for me.  It was exciting to find that they had Ski-Ball, which I love in spite of my lack of skill.  I also did the balloon-wall-dart-game and ended up winning a little purple unicorn.  Stormy has since adopted the baby unicorn and seems to think it is the newest member of the family.  
   Over all Hubs and I had an awesome time at the state fair and look forward to going back!    

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