Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crunchy Betty Honey Challenge-It's Been Two Weeks (almost!)

   So as you may know, I took the Crunchy Betty Honey Challenge as of 7/18.  We were instructed to wash our face with (raw) honey every day for two weeks and it has been a rather gooey, but enjoyable, journey.  Perhaps I am guilty of overly inflated expectations, but my results did not end up quite as I had hoped.  Previous to the honey cleansing I had been doing oil cleansing, which my face seemed to love.  Granted, I do have temperamental skin, but I had not expected how drying the honey would be.  I've used honey as a mask before, with good results, but just straight honey every day made my skin dry and spotty.  Within the past few days I have switched over to adding a bit (1/4 teaspoon or so) of honey in with my cleansing oil mix and this has taken care of the dryness issue.  I'll follow up after a bit (another week or two) to let you know if I have found my golden mean so to speak.  I'm definitely a believer in the benefits of honey and I certainly welcome a way to incorporate it into my daily routine.  Another way besides eating it that is!


Elle Sees said...

I've used honey on zits to dry em out! It works all right.

-Claire said...

Yup, for sure-a little goes a long way!