Thursday, March 31, 2011

Standing Tall, on the Wings of My Dreams

    Every so often something we see or do triggers a long forgotten memory.  A couple months ago a co-worker and I were discussing favorite things from our childhood and TV shows came up.  Thinking mainly of kids programs/nickelodeon shows I watched during my younger years, I suddenly thought of one of my most loved shows ever-Perfect Strangers.  This show is best known as one of the most popular shows on ABC's original TGIF line up.  Perfect Strangers is about two cousins, Balki and Larry.  Larry comes from a large family and moves to Chicago to pursue a career in photo journalism.  Not long after his arrival, his cousin Balki literally turns up on his door step.  Balki is a professional sheepherder and has come all the way from the small Greek isle of Mypos to be in the land of his dreams.  The series is about the two of them getting to know each other and the adventures they have along the way.  
   I was afraid that when I went to watch it it would not be as funny as I remembered.  Completely the opposite.  I watched a few episodes last night and enjoyed myself so much.  It was even better than I had remembered.  You can find Perfect Strangers for rent on Netflix or available here.

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