Sunday, October 2, 2011

Coffee Confessions

Confession #1-I am a product junkie. In other words, I rarely buy the same thing twice. I'm always on the search for a better product.
Confession #2-Fall is my favorite season. I think I could be happy if it was fall all the time.
Confession #3-I am the queen of the unfinished book.
Confession #4-Sometimes I wake up panicky for reasons unknown to me. It's hard to shake.
Confession #5-I am incapable of giving up coffee. I have tried. It just doesn't work. Coffee makes me happy and makes me a better person, why should I give it up?
Confession #6-I can spend all day watching The Big Bang Theory.


Allie said...

I found you over at adelynstone. I agree with you about the coffee, if it makes you happy then why give it up? I cant survive without coffee. literally. And big bang theory is awesome!

-Claire said...

Yup, coffee is just the best. We just finished season 3 of BBT, I just love it!

Anonymous said...

hmm panicky like had a bad dream? i have plenty of those lol.

Anonymous said...

oh and found you thru adelynstone :D

-Claire said...

Oddly enough, panicky for reasons I cant pinpoint. I do understand about the dreams though, I get plenty of those that I'd rather not remember. Yay for AdelynStone, I've really been enjoying the CC linky parties.