Sunday, September 18, 2011

Coffee Confessions

So I know I said I would be doing Silent Sundays but this was way more fun. Check out the Linkey below to visit AdelynSTONE who is our host.

Confession #1-I am not drinking coffee..neither is it morning.  It's 9:30PM and I'm drinking spice of life chai.
Confession #2-I purchased a Dracula costume for our cat and he wears it on Halloween each year.
Confession #3-I cannot knit to save my life.
Confession #4-I giggle when I have a lot of carbs.
Confession #5-I like things to be symmetric and become irritated when things feel lopsided.
Confession #6-I cannot cook rice...even in a rice cooker. Rice is my arch nemesis of the food world.
Confession #7-I sleep in too much every weekend and promise myself I'll do better next time...and then don't.


LazyDruid said...

I sleep in too much every day, not just weekends, I feel your pain.

-Claire said...

Yeah, it's a constant fight :( It doesn't help that the days are getting shorter either!