Monday, May 30, 2011

Summertime Sangria

I don't know about you, but every season has specific beverages that go along with it (Apple Cider for Fall, Mulled Wine or Hot Chocolate for Winter, etc.).  Sangria is the official drink of summer, at least in my book.  Now when I am thirsty, I drink a lot.  I am also a bit of a light weight, so this sangria is not all that strong.  Feel free to adapt it to your personal taste or whatever fruit you happen to have on hand.

Summertime Sangria

1 Bottle (750 ml) of wine (I prefer Cabernet Sauvinon or White Zinfandel)
1 or 2 shots of Brandy (optional)
1 Bottle (2 Liter) Ginger Ale
16 oz Can of Pineapple in Juice
2 Lemons
2 Limes
1 Orange
1 Large pitcher

 Wash and slice up your fruits and put them in the pitcher. Add your pineapple w/juice.  Cover your fruit with wine.  Add brandy (if desired).  Let fruit/wine mixture soak a few hours.  Add ginger ale, and drink up!  My pitcher wasn't big enough to mix ginger ale and wine mix together so I mixed it half and half in each glass.


Aimee said...

Looks fantastic.... sangria always makes me think of vacay...

-Claire said...

Thank you :) I agree, it definitely feels like a vacay drink.