Sunday, May 22, 2011

Claire Can Craft-Comic Shoes DIY

   A while ago I saw this idea on Cut Out and Keep and knew I had to make a pair.  Of course you could use any sort of paper-sheet music, pages from old books...really anything that strikes your fancy.  While I do not read comics, I love the way they look.  The *Pows* and *KaBooooms* and awesome melodrama that accompanies them.
   These shoes are super simple.  Just cut out (or tear) scenes and words you like, then use ModPodge to attach them to your shoes.  I chose some plain flats, but you could use anything with a flat surface (wide bangle bracelet, thin wallet/clutch, etc.  Be prepared to use many, many layers of ModPodge.  I used the outdoor variety and then 3 layers of the glossy on top of that because outdoor dries somewhat tacky.  I plan on wearing them on dry days but given Indiana weather, it is probably going to be a good idea to grab some outdoor sealer and apply that as well.
This shows the shoes in progress.  First shot (top left) is shoes before the comics are applied.  The next 3 show a few different angles once the first layer of comics were modpodged to the shoes.  It works best to just cover the whole shoe with a base layer of comics and save your favorites for last.  That way you don't need to worry about empty space.
Here are the finished shoes!  I really like how they turned out.  Granted they aren't perfect but I think they went pretty good for a first try.  I hadn't done anything with ModPodge for years and now I'm kind of addicted.  I'm on the lookout for new ModPodge projects now and I'm excited to find what other things I can make.


Elle Sees said...

these turned out great! what a cool idea.

-Claire said...

Thanks Elle! They were super fun to make. Now I just have to wait for a non rainy day to wear them :)