Monday, February 28, 2011

Mini Oscar Recap

So I am over all really happy with the Oscar results.  My only qualms would be with Geoffrey Rush not winning Best Supporting Actor, even though I have the utmost respect for Christian Bale.  I thought Anne Hathaway was fabulous at hosting, but thought James Franco seemed a bit stiff...Also, how awesome were all of Anne's wardrobe changes?  I also loved her little musical number.  Some other notes on clothing, because isn't that one of the main reasons we watch?  Mila Kunis looked ever so lovely in that lavender lace gown...I know everyone was talking about Cate Blanchette's gown-For the record, I loved it.  She is an icon, plain and simple.  On the flip side, what on earth was Kathryn Bigelow wearing?  I know she is special and all being the only female director to win an Oscar but I would not have let her in the door wearing that.  Also on a sad note...Scarlett Johansson's hair.  I am a fan of "toussled waves" and all, but it really looked like she just woke up.  One could make the argument that no one was really looking at her hair, but still, it's the Oscar's.  Also, in a league of her own...Natalie Portman.  Sigh.  I have always been a fan of hers and I am so happy that she won.  Her acceptance speech was just so lovely and she just radiated grace and elegance.  She positively glowed. 

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